Thursday, June 25, 2009

Small Change Over

Never say never. Right? There is going to be a small change-over afterall.

My apologizes to those who have already changed their links. If you linked to my weblog though, that will stay the same so that's a good link to stick with.

I have decided, for hoodles of various reasons, that I will not do various blogs in an attempt to keep organized my various interests and ponderings. That would prove futile. I tried it at Typepad and had blogs sitting around doing nothing but taking up space in cyberspace. That's kind of foolish. I was only faithful to one and that's how it should be. Give your all to one good thing and that will be good enough. I know I can keep up one blog; not several, and I have no intention of trying to do something I can't do.

Now...speaking with a forked-tongue, let me say, I will have a separate cooking blog that is already set-up: Cajun Spice and Sauce :-)

Everything else will be kept on one blog (Cajun Cottage) and I will use the "category" feature to keep everything organized. That's what it's there for. Right?

I will not go into detail why I have changed over from Typepad to Blogspot. It's safe to say I've used them both and like them both. I hope I don't regret leaving Typepad. I already felt a little regret this morning but, to hone in my resources, it is necessary to make the change.

I also will not go into detail why I'm not using this blog but am switching over to Let's just say that I fool around on the computer just enough to get myself into a maze of trouble then can't find my way out. It's really a boring topic so just trust that when you visit my website and click on My Blog, you will find yourself in the right place.

Again...thanks for stopping by.

1 comment:

Karen E. said...

I'll check my links again. :)

And, I hope that Mac is in your future. :)